Melville Pewey


Melville Pewey was a great wurm Tome Dragon who lived many thousands of years ago. He is widely regarded as the smartest dragon who has ever lived or shall live. He is often confused with the gods of dragons, such as Tiamat, Io, and Bahamut.


Melville Pewey's origins are documented in great detail. What has been written about his whole life would take a normal human speed reader 40 years to get through.

Here is a brief history: He was born during the Flash-fires War in the city Durge. He never met his dragon parents, but was instead found by a group of adventurers. The adventurers raised him as best they could, but he was a very unruly wurmling. He soon took a fancy to magic and changed shape to better mix with the human population he found himself in. Melville wished to travel, so he wandered around. He later returned to see his friends and guardians, the adventurers who raised him, off on their trip to the afterlife.

After his initial grief, he met the daughter of one of the adventurers and fell in love. He fathered a child while in his human form, and the child took the name of the mother…Ohba. He raised the child and lived a normal life, until his spouse's death. Melville was not grief stricken, but felt that he should spend his time on something more beneficial for the world as whole. He began collecting books and cataloging them, leading to the invention of the Pewey Decimal System. He opened a library…which eventually became the Floating Library. It was here that he let common people come and learn to read and look at books previously unaffordable.

Eventually, his progeny took over the functions of librarians, for Melville wished to explore the world again to spread his system. He did so until The Great Dragon Purge, when Dragon Slayers traced him to the Floating Library and slayed him among the books he worked so hard to catalog and preserve.


Melville Pewey has followers who worship him as an ancestor. It is believed that the gods of dragons feed off the energy of his believers and grant them spells, as opposed to Melville being a god himself.

Aliases Lightbringer

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