Mek Tat

Race: ?
Class: ?
Alignment: ?

Description: Theoretical Magus from early history. He is most often credited for the methodical division of spell types- Evocation, Enchantment, etc. He is believed to be the one who first constrained magic into these forms, creating the mold for wich all following magic conformed. It is also rumored, that for him, there was no difference between arcane and divine magics.




Items of Note

Scrolls of Mek'tat


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Scrolls part 1 7/10/12 A party was held
2 Scrolls part 2 7/20/12 A boat departed, adn was attacked
3 Scrolls part 3 7/20/12 A boat was haunted
4 Scrolls part 4 8/18/12 A Dryad was released
5 Scrolls part 5 8/18/12 Launched a Longboat
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