Player: jam730
Race: Advanced Hellbred Human
Class: Warblade 2, Psionic Monk 4, Diamond Swordsman 2
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: Standing 5'10 with a rather hefty build up of muscle and flexibility in the joints, this stature of a male with sloping shoulders stands with fairness of slightly tanned skin glazed in essence of shimmering outline. The attire worn loosely on him is a long measured leather overcoat in blood red rolled up at the sleeves up to the elbows. The apparent undershirt he wore looks to be lacking in appearance and having only straps of leather within the interior that adorn various holsters on each end that appear to be for other forms of firearms of the strange kind. Yet his black tight pants along the legs seem slightly restricting to the imagination where as the feet ended with some long neck boots that zipper up to half way to the knees with black lace. But from the face we see a cold yet cocky looking appearance in the reddened eyes glazed with silent uncaring stares followed by a sly thin smile along his lips and astute nose. His smooth features on his face were lightly veiled by white hair cascading around his cheek bones and the back of his neck while bristly.

Personality: cocky and uncaring, this individual hails from the far off reaches of the 9 hells that hardened his outlook in life and burden his morality with contradictory ideals. The other way of looking at it would be on the determined factor of how he finds human life quite interesting to look at without regard to his own thoughts of self preservation rather than self indulgence. However, it doesn't restrict him to being merciless to others who actually deserve it, rather than simply do away with them if salvation is beyond their understanding. He is also capable of finding compassion when it's a luxury he can be able to afford, or if it's a feeling he can have on a whim whenever, as well as heart when it comes to doing his job for others sake.


Membership: Devil May Cry Founder, Soul Member.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 3-14-2013 23000 23500 Traveler’s Outfit Wiki XP
2 Character Creation (buying) 3-14-2013 0 -23370 Rebellion (+1 masterwork Greatsword), Ebony and ivory (masterwork revolvers), Shotgun (masterwork short-scattergun), 40 revolver shots, 10 shotgun ammo, ammo belt, +4 belt of dexterity, Gunsmith Tools, +1 ring of protection, +1 amulet of natural armor
3 Wight Town (part b) 4-14-2013 2900 7500 Beating wights after entry into the planar dimension was at least enough exercise.
4 Cleaning up (part 1) 10-02-2013 6913 3625 Maverik was hired by Huirua to handle cleaning up a basement full of warforges that were causing trouble for her. Little did he know that the heavy metal ambush would be the least of his expectations.
5 Cleaning up (part 2) 10-11-2013 5463 5000 He may have not gotten out without a scrape but he did at least manage to do his job as given and ordered. He didn't seem to mind much about some Ergothian bonds that would help him fund for a mercenary guild for hunting down things that cause problems.
6 After-Party Business 10-14-2013 100 Maverik had spent some of his gold in that time frame to handle with enjoying himself on a lavish moment of his youth. However, he didn't expect to come out with a body tattoo painting which depicted a rabbit cat like creature around kitsune and a naga. He didn't mind it much, but running into Einharr was another thing he didn't expect either as they conversed about each others families. Maverik had decided to keep an eye out for any opportunities to handle his guild, and mayhaps get einharr to be part of it.
7 commerce 10-16-2013 -16000 Headband of Greater Intellect +4
8 Graveyard of the Dead 11-17-2013 2000 Maverik was brought in by some out of town folk about undead loitering their graveyard. Thinking quick he had to handle a hard job with who came with as well as keep any and all skeletons at bay the best he could.
Total 40376 255
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