Mathias Blizzaia
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Mathias Blizzaia, post and pre-corruption (???)

Race: Human (???)
Class: ???
Alignment: ???

Description: Mathias used to be a member of the Emperor's Hand, the finest agents of the Ergothian Empire but how his downfall to the clutches of the Abyss itself occurred… it remains a mystery even to this day.
Now the man bears the tittle of a 'Chaos Overlord'/Dark Prophet while being often seen as the de-facto leader of the heretics rebelling against the Ergothian Empire's Emperor-centered-faith. At times bloothirsty to the point of acting reckless in order to sate his battle hunger but also capable of quite great reasoning for being one affected with such 'bloody ailment'.

Notable Possessions:
Pandemonium Edge


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Guns and... (???) (part2) 11-09-2012 Mentioned once by Lumen.
2 Excavation (part2) 12-07-2012 The party got to gaze upon the terrible chaos lord for only few brief moments before one of his throwing axes cut one of the ergothian guards in half. The man decided to give a 'chase' in a way a predator plays with his prey before delivering the finishing blow (?).
3 Excavation (part3) 12-10-2012 Party continued to run from the chaos lord as they fought their way through chaos cultists and sahuagins in order to reach the submarine 'life-boats'.
4 Excavation (part4) 12-14-2012 Mathias got quite close to the party to the point where their lives (if not their very souls) were pretty much ready to serve as means of amusement but quick thinking and more tactical approach allowed to create enough distractions (Pavor Nocturnus included) to finally leave the chaos warlord way behind. Before that, however, the warrior recognized the armament of Rick Dodger's, Hauteclere. The same was true for the blade carried by Pavor Nocturnus.
5 The Sublime Way (part3) 12-28-2012 The heroes fighting their way through the dreaded 456th layer of the Abyss stumbled into Mathias who at that time was apparently a member of the Emperor's Hand. Due to some planar fluctuations (which are not that uncommon in the Abyss) he was separated from his platoon. The reason for such planar travel were not revealed still.
6 Rokugan Civil War (preparations, part1) 12-29-2012 The one of the Emperor's Hand was seen visiting Avalon together with his platoon. Charlinia Coaldragon managed to eavesdrop a bit of the conversation of his with a fellow 'warrior of light' hailing from the local Holy Order. It appears that the armament of his - Barbarica to be precise - was actually not truly a benevolent one and in the process of redemption or 'taming' by the champion.
7 Doomcape exploration (part1) 01-28-2013 Gonvirn mentioned being smitten once by the zealot.
8 Crimson lineage 04/03/2013 Was spotted by the pair of planar travelers doing never ended war during a Blood War sortie within Windswept Depths of Pandemonium.
9 Unconventional Interrogation (part2) 06/16/2013 Was seen in one of the memories of The Voice of Chaos. Mathias was either slain or disabled with 456th layer of Abyss several years before and awakened back to life by the music of the instrument held by the voice. The one brought back from his slumber was hardly appeased with such an outcome and exhibited some signs of corruption in such state. ]
10 Foxy Prank 10/26/2013 Only indirectly mentioned by Albrecht Eberhart who referred to Mathias as 'Dark Prophet'. ]
11 Darkened Enlightenment 02-07-2014 Lumen's bargain chip was apparently… very valuable intel concerning movements, plans and alike of his general (?) Mathias Blizzaia. Rick Dodger, however, was reluctant to deem it worthy enough to consider trading for Old Castle Darnten itself.
12 1919th-ed 02-08-2014 Mathias himself was seen on a projected vision of Azure Savant's as the one responsible for vanquishing Kostchtchie, the abyssal lord of frost giants, possibly gaining great deal of power by doing so.
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