Master A

Race: Necropolitan
Class: Focused Necromancer 3/Master Necromancer 3/Incantatrix 6
Alignment: LN

Description: Little is known about this strange Necromancer. He apparently takes on apprentices on a whim. The A stands for anonymous.
Update: Master A's real name is Alyster Thanato, son of Goody Thanato. He is apparently a Martin descendant.

College of Necromancy - Ex-member (Formerly Voice of Nerull)


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Cinder House too Early 11-10-2011 Bailed Daemon out and took him on as an apprentice
2 Octagon 5 1-27-2012 Farris Blackclaw offered him asylum if he would renounce necromancy, which he did…now all he has to do is find out how to not be undead.
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