Masked One

Race: ???
Class: ???
Alignment: Neutral

Description: A child-sized being with exceedingly warped thought patterns living within the misty confines of the Obscured Isle. appears to be at least semi-clueless about the 'mundane' life. Till recently used its sole companion, a one-handed Psion-Killer golem of great size, as a mean of transportation.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Continuum Unveils (Part 1) 06-19-2012 Appeared shortly (accompanied by her damaged, albeit still menacing Psion Killer golem of huge size) after a 'meteorite' struck her favorite, actually the only on her turf, coconut tree. Of course was not very amused with such happening but thanks to the party's way with the words she quickly forgot about the issue and promptly led them safely to her 'place' which turned out to be the upper level of the Sunken Temple. Managed to trick Night Terror well enough to avoid losing her 'ball'… which turned out to be …the Brothian Orb.
2 A fox among the tears 06-21-2012 Acted in a much more mature manner, lead Nightmare through the ritual and helped her avoid being turned … into something not of this world. Some sort of connection between the Seekers and her bloodline was implied.
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