Race: Half-Elf
Class: Bard 1 / Warlock 1 / Binder 1 / Half-Elf Paragon 3 / Human Paragon 3 / Exemplar 1 / Evangelist 5
Alignment: Neutral Evil


Tall, lithe, and handsome, Marrogan is the caretaker of the College of Necromancy Graveyard Base. He ensures that the members of the College of Necromancy have their needs fulfilled and their requests given the proper audience as well as smoothing over difficulties between associates. He also oversees initiation of new members. He gained this position for having exceptional people skills amongst the Necromancers, a rare trait for a generally asocial group: a trait he has also used to protect the College of Necromancy by smooth-talking others out of suspicions.


College of Necromancy - Caretaker of Nerull


College of Necromancy Graveyard Base


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Syrius's Questions 3-02-2012 Introduced Syrius to the College of Necromancy and helped induct him formally into the organization.
2 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 6 08/09/2012 Managed to become the only survivor from the next batch of the College's minions. As much as party had urges to send him to Nerull's domain… they could not bring themselves to do such against a non-combatant.
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