Race: Brachina (Pleasure Devil)
Class: Erinyes 8 / Pleasure Devil 3 / Binder 1
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Description: This female figure has long, copper hair with dark eyes. Her skin is pale but flawless. Spreading from her back is a pair of feathery black wings. She wears a robe of thin emerald silk that clings against her sensual form.

Commands several lesser devils, including Velnias.
Serves Mammon.

Several tiefling binders can trace their lineage back to her, either through blood, or through the church texts on binder-hunting they discovered with hidden direction to employing the art.

Can summon from the following servants (corrupted souls changed to devils), who gain a +22 bonus to pass for their former selves (whoever that may be) 1/day for 12 hours:
16 Lemures
4 Chain Devils (Kytons)
1 Erinyes


# Adventure Date Actions
1 every time the NPC appears, they need to have it logged here
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