Race: Human
Class: Expert ???
Alignment: Neutral

Description: An obese middle-aged man with a monocle and beard. He manages local (in this case Elric's Bay) lightning rail-related business.

Organizations: Lightning Rail Offices


# Adventure Date Actions
1 A Double-Edged Deal 4-20-2012 Hired the party to find out what happened to the lightning rail conductor stones so the rail could be restored.
2 A double-edged... deal (part2) 04/26/2013 Mentioned by the (infected) lumberjacks who despised him for his avarice and repeated tries at buying out the locals from their homeland. It is unclear how reliable that informtion was seeing that it's source became hellbent on the party's destruction few moments later.
3 A double-edged... deal (part5) 05/25/2013 Was seen sick by Yumika during the fox's search through Elric's Bay Lightning Rail Office.
4 Inbetween: Part 3 08/13/2013 Good news: Lost a LOT of weight. Bad news: It was due to an infestation that has reanimated the corpse to fight Gonvirn's group.
5 Inbetween: Part 4 08/19/2013 Him and his infected bodyguards distracted Relm and Daikaji separate from the rest of the party. In the end Malrick found himself incinerated by fiery (literally) kitsune fists.
6 'Inbetween ' (part5, finale ?) 08-26-2013 It turned out that for one reason or another Malrick ended up blackmailed and forced into co-operation with N.F.F.
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