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Player: TyrannoStorm
Race: Dragonkin
Class: Warblade 17
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Appearance: The first thing one would notice about Malluma is his towering height, followed by his gray, rock-like skin and thick muscles. Those who dare to come closer would notice his merciless red eyes, the last thing many of his foes ever see.

Personality: Malluma craves power and is ruthless in his pursuit of it. He could be described as cruel, but he is also calm, intelligent, and honorable.

Background: Malluma comes from humble beginnings in a village in the mountains. Where the other children seemed content to spend their lives as simple farmers or hunters, Malluma desired something more. He bullied and dominated the others, but after killing somebody in anger he was exiled. He spent a year in the wilderness, struggling to survive, before coming upon a hermit. Taking pity on him, the man taught him magic and weaponry, and honorable combat. Quickly learning everything he had to offer, but still not enough to satisfy him, Malluma left and continued his quest.

Miscellaneous: Malluma has begun murdering various warriors in the areas outlying Dragonport. In his own twisted view, he is challenging them to honorable duels, albeit ones which his foes cannot decline or survive. He may target anybody he sees with a weapon at random, though he will wait until they are alone. Since Xolrethe spared his life, Malluma has found himself doing the same favor for those he challenged and deemed weak. After spending months in battle on the plane of Ysr, Malluma has found his thirst for battle quenched, but not his desire for power.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 2/23/2012 0 200
2 Character Creation (buying) 0 -130 Spiked chain (large), Chain shirt, spell component pouch
3 Dream Battle Royale 2/27/12 6190 5000 Malluma engages in a sort of dream tournament and wins. He is rewarded by Xolrethe with wealth and power.
4 Downtime 0 -4360 Mithral breastplate, masterwork spiked chain Chainshirt, spiked chain Malluma swaps his gear. He also does some retraining (Versatile Spellcaster to Combat Expertise.)
5 Random Game 3/5/12 38600 25000 +1 mithral fullplate armor of healing Malluma was hired by Mali Ohba to investigate the death of her wurm in the mines beneath Roctrap. With the party he kills a ton of kobolds but falls to an Aspect of Nerull and wakes up outside the tunnel, his foes apparently defeated. Disgusted by his own weakness, he begins an intensive training regimen.
6 Downtime -21050 Enchanted spiked chain with Magebane, Steadfast Boots, Armbands of Might, Belt of Battle, Ring of Sustenance Mithral breastplate Shopping.
7 Ghastly Issues 3/6/12 2666 15755 Malluma nearly dies to ghasts in the sewers beneath Swampside, but is saved again by Kamigawa. He strikes back at the undead with a vengeance, and gets paid for saving some wolf named Silver Paw.
8 Possibility, probability...destiny? part 1 3/10/12 3657 17134 Malluma investigates a mysterious rift in the center of town, and investigates it with the party. A pool of blood warps Fulker's mind, and Malluma almost kills him. He resists the same impulse and the pool evaporates to reveal three undying monsters, whom Malluma makes short work of. He then comes across a talking portal that promises change if he can pass its trials, which Malluma enters.
9 Possibility...probability...destiny? part 2 3/11/12 10022 Malluma is reshaped by the power of DEIMOS…
10 Downtime 2325 Masterwork halberd +1 Spiked chain of Magebane Shopping.
11 Plomp and Circumstance 3/13/12 3200 23000 Malluma murders the hell out of a parasite-infected hulk gnome.
12 Kobold Revenge 3/14/12 10000 Malluma has to fight a ton of summoned elementals spawned by a red kobold. He kills them all, with some help from the party, and then gets mindraped by Gato and challenges Kamigawa to a duel in the Octagon.
13 Downtime 3/15/12 -30560 +1 Valorous Greatsword with Sizing, Boots of Charging, Tooth of Savnok Purchased a custom weapon crafted by YanWoo and shopped at MagicMart. Also retrained Adaptive Style to Monkey Grip.
14 Good Guys Octagon Battle 3/21/12 200 Malluma terrifyingly and menacingly swoops down to… pay some taxes. Strangely, signing his name doesn't work, and Danicus tells him his Truename is obscured…
15 Those Who Seek (prologue) 3/23/12 Malluma tries to fight the wrong person when he gets annihilated by a mysterious cloaked man in a ruby mask. Eventually Malluma wakes up in a pile of rubble, for the man apparently took pity on him. He leaves a message written in blood taunting Malluma about his weakness.
16 Shopping 4/1/12 -32000 Amulet of Health +4, Belt of Giant Strength +4
17 Assault on Lion's Pride Keep 4/5/12 25860 8000 Malluma is hired by Ita Bayushi to help retrieve the body of Uhsbane. He agrees, and kills several Black Lion Guards and helps against Uhsbane's shade before being transported to Ysgard by Farris. He decides to stay for a while to test himself against the warriors of Kord.
18 Retrain 4/8/12 Retrained Leap Attack to Stormguard Warrior.
19 Funtastic Festival: Day 2 7/31/12 16000 20000 Malluma participates in the physical challenges of the Festival. Most of them prove easy for him, but he is defeated at climbing and dueling by Kittiana.
20 Shopping 8/1/12 -26000 Lesser Truedeath Crystal, Transmuting enchant, Light Fortification enchant Malluma has his gear upgraded.
21 Final Battle part 1 8/4/12 700000 +43000-43000 Ring of Freedom of Movement, Third Eye Concentration Malluma provides assistance in the final battle against the Ra-Minions. He then buys from an extremely lost merchant.
22 Final Battle part 2 8/5/12 243000 73000-66800 Cloak of Mindblank (custom), Magebane enchant, Helm of Glorious Recovery Malluma proceeds with the party in fighting Dracoliches and Undead resurrected College members from the past.
23 Final Battle part 3 8/6/12 23400 12350 The final battle continues.
24 Retired | Thread
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