Magical Containers R Us


Staffs R Us is Arashi Taikou's fifth business venture in Dragonport Countryside. The store specializes in bags of holding and wand cases and outsources them as point of sale items.


Name Type Source Bonus
Town dmg 2 0
High Risk dmg 2 -4
Low Resource dmg 2 1
Investment dmg 2 3
Cost of doing Business dmg 2 -25
Divine Insight insight SpC 15
Universal Aptitude untyped ToM 5
Share Talents (12 Specialists and Familiar) untyped phb 2 26
Guidance of the Avatar competence online 20
item of profession (mundane) circumstance custom 2
Ray of Hope moral SpC 2
Ranks phb 1
Trained phb 3
Inspired DuS 12
Stat Mod phb 12
Familiar Aids phb 3
Take 10 dmg2 10
Specialists Aid dmg2 36 -1140gp
Masochism luck BoVD 11
Total Skill 133
Business Modifier dmg2 50
Profit 5510gp
Cost Per Business dmg2 11000gp
Maximum Area Profit dmg 750000gp
Current Profits


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Business is founded 6-9-2012 founded the business on counter day 3.
2 Profit Check 6-19-2012 +5510gp
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