Magecraft Template

The creator of a magecraft item must have 5 ranks in both Spellcraft and Knowledge(Arcana)

The magecraft template can be added to any suit of armor or any shield.
This type of armor was invented only recently by a master artificer in the city of Dragonport. Armor designed with this template tends to be light and extremely flexible, any joints and seams fitting together to present a smooth exterior. Decorations vary by the designer, but are nearly always simple and streamlined.

Cost: The template adds 600 gp to the other costs associated with creating a given suit of armor or shield.
Arcane Spell Failure Chance: The arcane spell failure chance of magecraft armor and shields is reduced by 5% (minimum 0%). The artificer who developed magecraft was frequently approached by martial wizards requiring body armor, and eventually developed a specialized design suited specifically for users of arcane magic.
Affinities: Blurring (special ability; see Shining South); mithral full plate of speed (specific armor).
Special: The wearer of magecraft armor or the bearer of a magecraft shield gains a +1 bonus on Concentration checks.

Most magecraft weapons are large and showy bladed items, such as greatswords or bastard swords.
The magecraft template can be added to any bladed weapon, though
Magecraft weapons always look distinctive and more than a little menacing. A single weapon might combine decorative features, such as a serrated edge and baroque elements, in a refined, elegant style. During the forging process, every magecraft weapon is given a name of great power and promise.
Cost: The magecraft template adds 900 gp to the other costs associated with creating a given weapon.
Affinities: Spell Storing (special ability; Allowed Extras); Singing Sword (specific weapon; see Magic of Faerun).
Special: A magecraft weapon deals an extra 1 point of damage against Magical Beasts.

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