Madam Gadie

Race: Human
Class: Rogue 4 / Guild Thief 4 / Thief-Acrobat 4
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Description: Madam Gadie is the most senior active member of the Dragonport Thieves Guild; having joined the organization in her teens and remaining active until her current eldership in the 70s. She still possesses a remarkable level of Dexterity for her old age and now enjoys being mistaken for a harmless crone so that she can better pilfer their goods.


Dragonport Thieves Guild - Senior Pickpocket


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Blood Calls to Blood 02-29-2012 Gave Syrius some details about his past and sat and chatted with Nightmare for a time.
2 The Capture of Claudius 5-23-2012 Chatted briefly with Bloodbeard.
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