Lyrakien Six
"Celes, Myani, Yaliss, Sylhri, Ruby, Limphe and two of their sisters who were not called…yet"

Race: Lyrakiens
Class: ?
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Description: A small flock of fae-like outsiders hailing from Elysium. Even though they only resemble Fae-creatures in appearance…their behavior is equally (if not more) mischievous.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Foxy Callings 06-03-2012 Agreed to stay in Nightmare's Domain … on few conditions of course.
2 Fox-Fired 06-12-2012 Harassed Tsukiko a bit before listening…to 'reason'.
3 A fox and her mark 06-26-2012 This time… harassed poor, poor Riku.
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