Aliases: The Green Blade
Age: 21
Hair: Blond
Skin: Light
Eyes: Sapphire Blue
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 131 lbs.
Race: Celestial-Blessed Human
Class: Fate-Entwined Hero (Fighter)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: -
Level: 3
Hit Points: 35
Current Status: Active
Played by Rayne Kitty

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Player: Rayne Kitty
Race: Celestial-Blessed Human (Hylian)
Class: Fate-Entwined Hero (Fighter)
Alignment: Neutral Good

At first glance Lyra appears to be an exotic breed of high-elf, but in actuality she comes from a distant kingdom where the peoples are said to be blessed by the celestial host for their good deeds. These people, blessed by the divine to the point that they even have begun to take on some of the physical traits of celestials, call themselves Hylians. Lyra was one such individual, born with a celestial spark, a divine blessing, and a destiny entwined with the threads of fate. She is lean and finely built, she has smooth, unblemished skin, sleek, elongated ears that would put any elf to shame, silken golden locks, and deep sapphire blue eyes that one could get lost in for hours. Although born of Hylian parents, her appearance and abilities belay a special, celestial blessing, tying her thread of fate to many great heroics and a destiny of salvation for those that cannot save themselves.

Lyra is a Hero bound to Destiny by the Threads of Fate. She doesn't let anything get in the way of her sense of good and justice, even at personal cost



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