Lunar Clan


The Lunar clan is known as a peaceful and honor-driven clan. Because being protected by natural defences from all sides, only had few quarrels among the other clan. They also keep watch and watches over the neighboring race tribes as the Kappa, Kitsune and Tengus. The clan will usually help any other clan during time of strife. Which lets them be good standing with most of the clans.


Southeastern Tempest Mountains in Rokugan.
In the north there is a Tempest Mountains where the proud Tengu Clan resides. East and South are the ocean. In the West there is the Moonlight Forest, vast forest that consist of variants of trees and abundance of bamboos.


Neutral standing with all the other clans.




Kamigawa Tengetsu - Daimyo of the Lunar Clan
Kamigawa Mitsurugi - Wife of Tengetsu
Kamigawa Light - Son of Kamigawa Tengetsu and successor of the Lunar Clan
Kamigawa Hikari - Daughter of Kamigawa Tengetsu
Hyde - One of the Guardians of the Kamigawa Family, Created by Lights [Great Great Great Grandfather]
Ahri - Close Family friend of Kamigawa.
Ryu - Ahri's big brother and also a captain of the Lunar Royal gaurds.

Special Items:

Lunar Blade


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Lights: Family Reunion 07/16/12 Hikari and Mitsurugi arrived to the Tabernacle inn to find light and they both rammed into him because they were happy to see him. Hikari, Mitsurugi and Ryu blesses Ahri and the babies with there own words. "Wisdom, Love, and Duty."
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