Luminous One

Race: ???
Class: ???
Alignment: ???

Description: A specter-alike entity believed by many to be nothing above one of the many urban legends of Doomcape


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Doomcape exploration (part1) 01-28-2013 The party learned some details of the legends. The being is known for abducting/slaying (?) people at times but… without leaving any trace of the victims whatsoever.
2 Doomcape exploration (part2) 02-07-2013 Gonvirn implied a possible involvement of the being in the disappearance of his contact in Doomcape but the dwarf himself appeared to not be truly serious when suggesting such. The contact indeed has vanished without trace within pier no13, the location of the last supposed spotting of the specter… but… the mystery still remains unsolved.
3 Doomcape Exploration (part) 3 02-10-2013 Rick spotted a luminous figure while leaving the embassy. It was not clear what was the reason for figure's meddling with the stationed war machines of Aoth's design.
4 Doomcape Exploration (epilogue) 03-24-2012 Appeared before the party and took a more familiar, if ghostly, shape of Lord Lartahrl. After witnessing their victory, as apparent as it may been, the tortured soul finally realized that the battle's outcome was not his fault… finally finding peace as a result. With such happening the curse was lifted of the Old Castle Darnten.
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