Loose Lorna

Race: Human
Class: Commoner 1
Alignment: CN

Description: "Loose" Lorna is a prostitute known to operate out of The Gibbet


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Shootist 02-22-2012 Propositioned the party for a good time. Witnessed events unfold.
2 Blood in, Blood out 04-02-2012 Hit on the dour Amnitus, then flirted with Kamigawa a bit before his wrathful, haunted sheath scared her off.
3 Birds of a Feather 04-05-2012 Continues her dry spill in spite of a valiant attempt at flirting with Brogan as he was mining for green gold.
4 Return of the Bloods 04-09-2012 Didn't feel like offering her 'services' to Gato (disguised as a martial artist)… as he was literally 'on fire'. Attracted the eye of Mack the Knife, though sadly, he was only interested in her blood.
5 Blood in the Water 6-04-2012 Propositioned Ger-Khard Dunesturm this time.
6 Blood in the Streets 7-6-12 hung around the bar
7 The Professional 7-8-12 hung around the bar
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