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Race: Magic-Blooded Succubus
Class: Succubus 6 /Fiend of Possession 2
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Description: An alluring thrall which apparently spawned from Emerald Chrysalis after being rather thoroughly 'tinkered with' by Yagiuma. Took a form reminiscent of a succubi with few hints of kitsune-ness~. Loyal, prone to acting obeisant to the point of irritating other servants of the fox fancying herself to be a 'nogitsune'.

Yagiuma, her mistress (thrallherd)


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The hatchery of plots~ 03-20-2013 'Hatched' while her mistress was asleep and then introduced herself along with the 'lesser' servants (aka believers). Helped with the acquirement of what would become a new safehouse for Yagiuma with the use of her inherent bewitching abilities.
2 Corruptive Alteration~ 04/07/2013 Lithian's 'mobility' allowed her mistress to acquire both a great deal of alchemical substances, catalysts required for the corruptive process she so desired and the 'gem-cutter' who further refined them.
3 Webs of vanity (part1) 05/02/2013 Was assigned a mission of corrupting one gentleman into obedience.
4 Webs of vanity (part4) 08/28/2013 Assisted her mistress, mostly in the relocation of the treasure-chamber contents.
5 Webs of vanity (part5) 09/06/2013 Made quiet a peculiar use of her symbiont whip, few of the adversaries into obedient… if soon-drained thralls.
6 ClearingUp(after hours) 10/16/2013 Ended up issuing a bit of her tissue to the grafting machine so as to have her mistress augmented… aesthetically.
7 Webs of Vanity (part6) 10/22/2013 Merciless against Ashatia ventured forth with her mistress into the Sanctified Minds Outpost.
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