Lion's Pride Keep


Located on the Outskirts of Dragonport. A well-kept keep of finely polished stone enlaid with Purple and Gold Emblems and Lion Head Symbols. It is the headquarters of the Order of the Lion Guard


Temple of Hieroneous
Officer & Soldier Rooms
Guest Quarters
Main Dining Hall
Planning Chambers


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Veiled Society part 5 12-20-2011 The whole order (save for Sindri, Conrad Voltaire, and Examplicus the Epitomizer) was… obliterated… by an army of shadows… presumably controlled by Ra-Men himself.
2 free for all 1 2-15-2012 the location proved to have been infiltrated by the college of necromancy.
3 The Black Lions 2-17-2012 Investigating the recent disappearances amongst members of the Dragonport Thieves Guild, the party travels to the keep and spies the Black Lions piling bodies into a caravan, to be taken to a mass grave at the Dragonport Graveyard.
4 Assault on Lion's Pride Keep 04-04-2012 Bayushi Ita gathers a group to storm the shade-infested Lion's Pride Keep, in order to put the undead creature, Alexander Uhsbane, to rest so that he can be resurrected. The Black Lions guarding walls suffer great losses, and an ominous new evil is birthed, but ultimately the keep itself is cleansed of spirits and shades…as well as anything of value.
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