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Race: Advanced Changeling
Class: Psychic Warrior 5/ War Mind 10/Phrenic Slayer 3
Alignment: Neutral

Description: An alluring thrall which literally budded from Aegis' gooey form after said Overlord decided that simply leaving her to be her Ether's alter ego was not good enough and forced her into a corporeal existence. Unlike her 'sister' she is much less innocent, she is direct and almost the complete opposite of her sister in all things, except in regards to her Master.

Aegis, her mistress (thrallherd)
Ether, fellow 'thrall'


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Quintessential Essence 06-25-2012 Diverged from Ether's body within the matrix of her master's's form. Then emerged in a chrysalis state only to leave it few days later. Accompanied Aegis in her venture to the Kython Hive of the Obscured Isle.
2 Battle royale of your dreams part 2 06-26-2012 Aided Aegis within the confines of a nightmarish dreamscape.
3 Fulfilling...Oozey Business (>_>) 07-20-2012 Lillanda is jealous over Ether's 'good news' to her mistress, though that is soon remedied
4 Scaly Goo 07-25-2012 Got a little bit annoyed by Nina's antics.
5 Bloodiness... unveiled 08-19-2012 Unfused from her master following the events of Ra-men's defeat… the immediately warped somewhere due to her … condition.
6 Cursed... blessings (???) 10-04-2012 Could not help but share the attitude of her 'sister' this time.
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