Race: Magical Beast? Undead?
Class: Unknown?
Alignment: Evil

Description: One of the cohorts of Nyix's who met the end of their undead existence at the party's hands/tails and whatnot… twice at this point.



# Adventure Date Actions
1 A race of the mind 11/14/2013 - 11/18/2013 The party run into Nyix and her minions, catching her almost red-handed in the midst of some profane ritual of which a fox child would become the sacrificial focus (though it was not clear whether it was still alive). Defeated in the end along with her mistress' double.
2 Graveyard Pelori... purification 11-27-2013 Confronted the party again within the previously sacred grounds of the Pelorian Graveyard only to be defeated by the party and an unexpected ally in the form of a reanimated priestess of Pelor.
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