Lightning Rail Hub 3


Lightning Rail Hub 3 is part of the Vorloi family's lightning rail system. It is composed of multiple building and a major station. It was part of the initial lightning rail plan: Project Alpha.

Lightning rails function at speeds of 900mph outside of the city and slow down to 60mph at 5 miles outside the city. This is for safety reason.

Lightning Rail Hub 3 functions as a manifest zone (see Secrets of Sarlona). This also affects the speed of dragons influenced by fly like an arrow (see Arcana Unearthed).






# Adventure Date Actions
1 Runaway Lightning Coach 4-11-2012 One train was almost blown up by Dr Trope, but the party prevented that.
2 Runaway Lightning Coach 2 4-19-2012 Dr Trope did it again!
3 Disrupt the Onyx Trade: DryDock Route 04/20/2012 Kamigawa and Larien went to the there separate way from the party to DryDock to disrupt there Onyx supply. Road the train to get there. But was under attacked by drones.
4 Runaway Lightning Coach 3 5-7-2012 Dr Trope seems to hate these trains.
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