Lightning Fist Of Kord

Lightning Fist Of Kord

Price (Item Level): 3000 gp (4th)
Body Slot: Throat
Caster Level: 3rd
Aura: Faint; (DC 16) evocation
Activation: -
Weight: -

This holy relic is sometimes gifted upon Clerics of Kord.

As a repository of divine energy, a Lightning Fist of Kord functions just like any holy symbol. In addition, for each of the following prerequisites that you meet, the symbol grants you one additional daily use of your turn or rebuke undead ability.

  • At least 2 ranks in Knowledge: Religion
  • Extra Turning
  • At least 2 ranks in Acrobatics

When used to cast any mind-affecting spell or to turn (not rebuke) undead, a Lightning Fist Of Kord increases your effective divine caster level by 1.

Each Lightening Fist of Kord is crafted for followers of Kord, and only his followers may gain these benefits.
Prerequisites: Craft Wonderous Item, turn undead
Cost to Create: 1500gp, 1 day.

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