Race: Aasimar
Class: Paladin 16
Alignment: LG
Description: Leader of the Dragon Slayers in Dragonport, Lightbringer takes his name from a hero of old.

Dragon Slayers


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Dragon Slayer Operations 11-25-2011 Paid the party to dispose of the bulettes that were killing his men
2 downtime 11-26-2011 to 1-29-2012 Continued to seek out the Dragon Artifacts prevalent in the world where Dragonport is located via use of spies. Recently he heard that the Trifecta of the Dragon heart was activated.
3 Neran joins 2-10-2012 meets Nerran and tells him to kill dragons.
4 Hunt for the Lost Book 6-19-2012 Approached the party for information on the dragons. Bayushi Ita offered some information, but charged too much for it for Lightbringer's tastes.
5 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 10 8-14-2012 Fought against the party and perished due to his zealous hatred … as far as dragonkind is concerned of course.
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