Li Fong

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Player: Farr1s
Race: Human
Class: Wuxian Sage 7/Barbarian 2
Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Li Fong is a young well muscled man, usually seen wearing well tended but old clothing, walking from place to place at a slow but steady pace. Stuffed into a sash around his waist are 2 nunchaku of plain quality their handles have been worn smooth and shiny from frequent use.
Personality: Li has a quiet but strong manner, he is slow to speak but speaks with conviction when he is moved. Li only acts out in violence after all other avenues have been explored, but once he does he is without pity or mercy. Occasionally Li will put on a free demonstration teaching martial arts in a public space to whoever is interested.
Background: Li fell in with a bad crowd at a young age, after a botched robbery he was stabbed and left for dead. A kind monk found him and nursed him back to health, Li lived at a hermitage with the Monk learning "The Seven Divine Fists" style of Kung-fu and the philosophy of "The Way" for nearly a decade. Unfortunately one day when Li was gathering firewood members of a secretive and aggressive Kung-fu school challenged his master and killed him through treachery. From that day Li has devoted himself to living a life of asceticism, wandering the world teaching Kung-fu, searching for the murderers and bettering himself for the inevitable confrontation.

Li Fong is a guest instructor of martial arts at Octagon Fighting School
The Silver Cranes
Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 11-15-2011 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 11-15-2011 0 -199gp -21sp Nunchaku x2 Rations x3 Bedroll x1 Backpack x1 Winter Blanket x1 Waterskin x1 Buying stuff, gave surplus money to a temple.
3 Dragonport E6: A Cool Drink of Water 11-21-2001 1550 0 Helped restore water to the wells of swampside, kicked an owl in the face.
4 Venture into the Underdark 12-5-2011 1950 0 Moved some cargo, got ambushed by goblinoids and nearly died. Saw a wolf following the party and found the entrance to the cave.
5 Venture into the Underdark part 2 12-9-2011 1700xp (donated all proceeds to temple of Pelor) delivered the cargo and picked up the chemical weapons for the seafaring merchants guild on the way back to dragonport got jumped by 2 barghests, a dire boar, and a megaraptor.
6 Catacomb Exploration 12-22-2011 1175xp Donated all proceeds to temple of St. Cuthbert Fought some monsters under the streets of dragonport, used his divine fist to kill lots of stuff.
7 The fortress of Saridor part 1 1-11-2012 2000xp Investigated the Fortress of Saridor
8 The Lizard Kings 1-17-2012 3400xp All gold donated to temple of Apollo Helped Sirion claim his crown as king of the lizard kings
9 The Octagon 4 1-23-2012 4800xp Went to help train gladiators, ran into a brain in a jar with undead minions instead.
10 Sweet Revenge 1-24-2012 400xp All proceeds donated to temple of Pelor Presided over a Martial Arts tournament.
11 The Fall of Blackheart 1-25-2012 15210xp all gp given away to temple of Talos Fought a bunch of pirates and some trolls beat up the pirates, got Ko'd by the trolls not necessarily in that order
12 Octagon 6 2-3-12 1700xp all gp given away to the temple of Kord Recieved Training from Gilgamesh, convinced some monks to join the Octagon Fighting School
13 Gathering Allies 2-22-12 2735xp all proceeds donated to temple of Oldimarra Helped Quinn Try to find people to fight the college of necromancy.
14 Operation Nine-Tail 2-24-12 2405xp All Proceeds donated to temple of Bocobb Jumped into the Melee for a bit to help his friends.
15 Blood calls to Blood 2-29-12 11600xp all Proceeds donated to temple of Pelor Helped the Thieves guild to find their informant.
16 Revolting Deathtrap 2-7-12 4800xp all Proceeds donated to temple of Apollo Tried to join in a revolution but was caught in an ambush
18 Possibility, Probability, Destiny? part 2 3-12-2012 10322xp all proceeds donated toTalos Fought a bunch of crazy stuff on the Astral Plane.
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