Laughing Spirits Inn


An establishment of western design located inside the confines of the Foreign Headland. Despite of being mostly intended to serve for the western newcomers the place managed to attack a small of locals who found the drinks served here …interesting, if quite heavy, in taste.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Rokugan beckons ! 06-29-2012 The party was provided with free accommodation there by the Gambler.
2 Rokugan beckons (part2) 07-01-2012 The party fooled around a bit inside only to witness one of the local spirit-folk being 'abducted' by few burly man, most likely belonging to the Yakuza. Later Rayne-Kitty managed to induce a …strange reaction in few Lion Clan members by the virtue…of merely coming into their line of sight.
3 Rokugan plots: The Oracle-descended Princess 07-10-2012 The party enjoyed the little free time it had while harassed by one scaredy-cat, which because of the omnipresent paranoia they've seen as potential shapechanger, and some gamble-free shogi game with one local gamemaster.
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