Latral Clan


The clan of vampiric evil outsiders being currently in power within the confines of the plane that is Niflheim.




Seren, irthos-lorsvek, charlinia-coaldragon, Sirion (perhaps grudgingly)


Dirnvarn Clan


Kaleva Latral House Head
Midna Latral House Matriarch
Raital Young Heiress
Freya Latral Young Heiress' 'double'
Alrog Guard


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Return Long Due 08/08/2013 Midna relayed information concerning the current state of affairs within Niflheim, including the bits related to the Dirnvarn Clan. The bottomline is: unless the clan manages to repair their soul-well or acquires a new one then its prolonged existence is put into jeopardy.
2 Niflheim Plots (part2) 08/22/2013 Laos'Hes offered access to the (apparently) still-functioning soul-well hidden deep within his long-decimate clan's hold which was decimated centuries ago… in exchange for becoming a part of the Latral clan by the means of marring into it. The deal is yet to be finalized.
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