Larry Dotter


Larry Dotter is a very popular book series throughout the literate in Dragonport. Its author is the mysterious Jerk Rowking.

The story follows Larry Dotter, a young man born to a family of Wizards. One day, a mysterious half giant shows up and tells the boy "You're not a Wizard, Larry." Thus begins Larry's journey to Pig-herpes, a school for the not magically gifted. He has many adventures with his friends Herman Ranger, and Bonnie Minky.

There are currently 6 books in the series, which is projected to be 7 books in total:

1. Larry Dotter and the Accountant's Tax Return.
2. Larry Dotter and the Vault of Known Things.
3. Larry Dotter and the Free Man of Alcatraz.
4. Larry Dotter and the Cup of Water.
5. Larry Dotter and the Order of the French Fries.
6. Larry Dotter and the Quarter Pounder with Mayor McCheese.
7. Larry Dotter and the Lively Headache..projected

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