Race: Half-Fiend, Vampire Tiefling
Class: Abyssal Bloodline Sorcerer 13 (???)
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: Saying that Laos merely 'hails' from Niflheim would result in a dire understatement. The self-proclaimed future overlord of the above-mentioned domain will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. The fact that Laos happens to be one of the most notoriously infamous sort of a traitorous scum (even for the lower plane standards) does not happen to deter him all that often (at least in his opinion -_-) due to the way he has with honeyed, if venom coated, words and comeliness of his bodily frame. The fiendish vampire takes great pride in his 'noble' origins, to the point of mentioning his 'true-born' heritage whenever an opportunity presents itself among the lower-placed members of the kind of his.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Deposit Investigation (Bloody Finale, part1) 08/03/2013 Appeared from a one of the portals not truly that surprised by Raital's presence there at the bottom of the Dragonshard Mine - in fact, he appeared to be genuinely prepared for such occasion as elite lower-plane mercenary force happened to accompany him. Didn't truly hide his goal which included … turning Raital into his subordinate so to say. In a manner part grotesque, part comical the situation reversed, Laos' self-esteem taking more and more beating with each comment of the party members. The wannabe overlord found himself torn between the choice of his pride and… further existence. A sudden appearance of an totally unexpected abomination can ruin each and every-one's day.
2 Deposit Investigation (Bloody Finale, part2) 08/05/2013 Continued to be a quite a nuisance during the 5-way battle. Even with his metamagic-derived mind-bending power over undead… he ultimately only ended up earning more ire from Raital who gave him no attention he so sought. Was greatly harassed by "Swirling Shadows" whose aura of terror made him flee around for his (un)life around the chamber. Ended up agitating the mercenaries accompanying him by insulting The Duke of Death beforehand ultimately resulting in temporarily removing Laos and his force from combat.
3 Deposit Investigation (Bloody Finale, part3) 08/07/2013 Took him a while to 'regenerate' from the beating he received from his former mercenary guard. Ended up warping to Niflheim with few party members but quickly went in the opposite direction to the one of theirs after arriving to the plane.
4 Niflheim Plots (part1) 08/21/2013 One of his simulacrums (as it turns out later) managed to sneak into the Latral Clan palace, as seen by stealthied Seren. Laos' intent remained as nefarious as over, for him the prospect of getting close to Raital appears to be of quite an importance.
5 Niflheim Plots (part2) 08/22/2013 Sent simulacrum envoys to more than few clanholds, including the Latral Clan with an offer of revealing the location of his decimated clan's soul-well (undiscovered to this very day) in exchange for 'benefits'. In the case of Raital's one he sought to marry into the clan which was still not truly received all too well by the young vampire heiress. Seren managed to scry on Laos, discovering things both partway amusing… partway disturbing.
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