Lady Droga

Race: Human
Class: Sorceror 7 / Mindbender 1 / Fiendbinder 5
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: To the public Lady Droga is a pale dark-haired beautiful noblewoman with a penchant formakeup, oils, perfumes, and accessories who has had a string of wealthy husbands who have died under mysterious circumstances. Because of her multiple inheritances, she's managed to become quite rich, rich enough to own and operate multiple businesses for more alternative and gothic clientele and to earn her own seat onto The Crew.

Privately, Lady Droga is a long-term member of the College of Necromancy , specializing in summoning and procuring fiends for nefarious purposes and acting as a direct informer to Ra-men regarding the Crew's activities.


The Crew - Member
College of Necromancy - Mistress of Nerull


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Find the Crew! 04-14-2012 Vance Bloodeye insisted that she isn't a traitor. The others were able to guess that he slept with her many times.
2 Liberation of Dragonport Part 1 07-04-2012 Was highly interested in the prophecy of Arashi's.
3 Liberation of Dragonport Part 2 07-07-2012 Became a part of Dragonport's government Triumvirate once it was taken by The College of Necromancy.
4 The Final Battle Against Ra-Men Part 7 08-10-2012 Invited the party to tea, but then tried to kill them when they didn't play along.
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