Kudos Longshire

Kudos Longshire
Player: John
Race: Human
Class: Warlock 1
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Appearance: A short halfling not even reaching up to most peoples waists, with a wavy mop of blue-black hair. He seems to have a permanent smile upon his face as his mind wanders, leaving the rest of him with a semi-blank look. His eyes are black as sinner's soul seeming to be all pupil, often staring off into space. He is quite lanky and lacks any muscle whatsoever, leaving him a scrawny thing just over 30 pounds. His fingernails don't have any room to grow as they are constantly worn down and chipped off, emphasised by his dirty hands as if he were playing in the dirt often. He has a small black bead made into a piercing on his lower lip. His clothes are usually old and worn, often halfway up to the knees and halfway up the forearms, also dirt stained.

Personality: Despite appearing curious and blank, anyone who has spent time with him will know that is the opposite. Well…the blank part anyway. He puts off a blank stare even while his mind is turning on several different levels, cunning and calculating. He enjoys tricking enemies into submission rather than destroying them with magic, as it provides more of a skill-required challenge. Life is nothing without challenges to make it interesting in his opinion. Those who are his friends often count themselves lucky to know him, as he is jovial and sharing with those he considers allies, often cooking them meals and helping them in any way possible

Background: Born into a poor family he didn't grow up with much besides his brain, and anything he could make with his hands from stone, string, and dirt. Which was mainly knives. He has a lot of knives now. Making sharper knives but proving his mind to be sharper, his halfling trial was one of cunning beyond what is normal. Lasting several weeks due to his own curiosity and determination to press the odds, he decided he wanted something good. He wanted a prize from the king's own possessions. And he got it. Through weeks of determination and trickery and disguise, he managed to trick his way up the social ladder while never moving up the economic ladder or actually establishing a name for himself, eventually becoming a 'friend' of one of the higher nobles children. One day upon a visit to the royal courts the noble brought Kudos along with her own child. While there he slowly worked his way through the rooms eventually getting close to the king. Putting on his best child-like looks he approached the king to give him…a hug. it was during this hug that he snatched one of the beads off of his outfit with a gentle pluck. A few days later he completely disappeared to return home victorious. A devil had taken interest in the boy over the past few weeks seeing his way with words and manipulation and offered him power if he just kept doing what he was doing for his entertainment. Feeling curious and not seeing any problem so long as the devil asked for nothing else from the deal, he accepted, and began his ascent into the eldritch


GP: 200
XP: 0
Items Gained: Traveler's outfit, Black bead

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