Kruth is a card game popular amongst races and groups with elemental ties. The uses of a Kruth deck include several games and means of fortune-telling.

There are 24 cards in a Kruth deck. Each card is one of the four elemental suits (Fire/Sun, Air/Wind, Earth/Stone, and Water) and one of six ranks (Life, Truth, Fate, Lords, Deceit, and Death).

Determination of the low card is made by rank, with Life alone above Truth, Fate ruling over Lords, and Deceit prior to Death. (Life > Truth > Lords > Deceit > Death)

In the event of a tie, refer to suit, and use the element's weight or place: Fire is highest, because it rises above air; Air is second; Water is third; and Stone is last because it sinks in water.

Some groups reverse whether to first refer to suit or rank, depending on their view of how mortal concerns compare to the eternal elements.

Draconic races and dragonslayers have a variant of Kruth which uses dragon types instead.
The four suits, from lowest to highest, are: Ferrous dragons, Metallic dragons, Gem dragons, and Light (Chromatic) dragons.
Dragon ranks are by the raw strength of each type of dragon, except for the highest rank, which is a 'rogue' dragon not included in the classifications of 5.
Rogues - Ferrous: Steel/Rust, Metallic: Platinum/Adamantine, Gem: Ruby/Obsidian, Light: Prismatic/Shadow
Dragonkruth Card Design: Rarely actually cards, dragonkruth tokens are rigid hexagons with an interior hexagon simply depicting the dragon type they correspond to. Cheap ones are wood with paint, while more expensive ones are wood or ivory inlaid with the actual metal or gem corresponding to a type of dragon; dragonscales of each type may also be used. Dragonslayers favor tokens of dragonbone with dragonscale inlay.
Dragonkruth lends itself well to board games rather than card games like normal Kruth.



Source: Armageddon

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