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Player: Duralan
Race: Half-Dragon (blue) Changeling (Magic-Blooded)
Class: Bard 1
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Membership: Crimson Steel

Appearance: Though the dragon-descended changeling can assume many forms and shapes the one of its preference would resemble a fair-haired human woman in the midst of her 20's with an aesthetically pleasing countenance which more often than not generates more or less wanted attention towards her (preferring to use traits which are exotic for the population she dwells in). The true form of hers is obviously draconic, towering even (at least for a female) - powerful wings sprout from her athletically-developed body while the limbs (especially on their ends) appear especially scaly; few blue-hued horns protrude from her skull curling behind her head creating a sort of organic crown in the effect while the rest of the body is more or less that of an attractive female. A birthmark/scar can be seen on her collarbone while the eyes are more like glittering orbs of electricity which shine brightly when their 'owner' is excited or enraged.

Personality: From a philosophical point of view (changeling one that is) Krixi would represent quite a volatile mix between between the values and norms represented by the 'passers' (changeling seek to maintain one personality/shape besides of their true form) and 'becomers' (pretty much abusing their shapechanging prowess as they wish). The first attitude is reserved for selected few friends and associates of hers the other is employed 'against/for' for pretty much everyone else. While not malicious in any way Krixi has a great complex connected to her mixed heritage which makes the female rather reluctant when it comes to revealing more intricate details… connected to that matter at least. Such can manifest in various ways but most of the time the half-dragonnes will seek to use both her shapechanging and acting prowess to beguile and divert more inquisitive ones from that particular topic.
When it comes to art in itself Krixi loves all that is connected with drama/opera plays and aspires to become someone famous in this discipline if only for a while. By gaining enough renown, perhaps she could become more secure about her own form while also meeting similarly-minded companions, find acceptance for whom she really is as opposed to whom she simply 'plays' in the great drama that is the life itself. In nutshell: her act depends highly on the scene and the spectators present at the moment which may make her look opportunistic and quite unpredictable even though her aims are rarely selfish or truly unorganized.

Background: Krixi'Trashcha 'hatched' roughly 18 years ago from an egg. Unusual egg at that. Discarded one first of all. The mother of hers, possibly displeased with the fact that the shapechanging venture she undertook through the humanoid lands ended with her - a dragon -being left with offspring of another shapechanging enemy of all womankind (regardless of species) - a doppleganger of great power who actually tricked her into believing himself to be a blue wyrm of high status - left the unhatched Krixi at the gates of the first greater structure she stumbled upon. In this case it was a bardic college of great renown where her foster father, the establishment's principal, took it as a sort of mischievous blessing of fate bestowed upon him. After all he actually always wanted to beguile even dragonic females with his skills. And he succeeded at that. All went according to the plan though one draconic-fundamendum-powered heart was damaged in the process (still he will deny that he meant harm even to this day… who knows… actually ?). The child inherited arcane aptitude and draconic traits from her mother while retaining shapechanging ability from the father who later posed for a foster one in spite of being rather the … real one - as confusing as it may sound. After receiving tutelage at the academy Krixi left its grounds in search for a less confining space, both for her form… mind and art of course… seeking a group which would accept her skills and… herself as such. During the beginnings of her venture she started somewhat regretting that decision as her rather idealistic outlook on life somewhat crumbled, somewhat that is.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 12-14-2012 - 200 std creation procedure
2 Character Creation (buying) 12-14-2012 - - Studded Leather, Longspear, 2x CLW potion
3 Crimson Steel: A New Dawn 12-18-2012 +1150 +400 The first real mission onboard Crimson Steel oh ho ho ho ho ! Met a lousy boyo, a kitten, a living siege engine and … bizarre deep gnome with a penchant for loud magical contraptions. Took a rather rowdy form this time (Alexia~). I must admit… it takes time to appreciate great art… especially if it is that *shocking*. Poor goblins but vermin have to be cleansed though this one was rather yelling-happy … but I would not expect them to sing and wonder at the duet of mine and the kitten's mhmmmmm. Was that alias too indecent or not ? Hmmm nonetheless it makes me one step closer to acquiring Savah's persona~.
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