Kriegov Streingauss

Race: Human
Class: Cloistered Cleric 6
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Description: An ambassador to the Ergothian Empire in Avalon, Doomcape to be precise.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Excavation (part2) 12-07-2012 Ophelia St. Laraine used her connection to the man as a bargaining chip during her negotiations with Rick Dodger who worked on the behalf of the Seafaring Merchant Guild. Onboard the 'Progenitor' the imperial official was almost assassinated by Da'Ax and other chaos cultist during a spectacle they've performed while under disguise (with the 'almost' being only possible due to party's presence). Battered and shocked (literally and figuratively)… but still alive he is.
2 Excavation (part3) 12-10-2012 Was 'loaded up' in his dazed state into Aoth's clockwork walker's cargo hold for his safety… as the party had to spearhead their way out of the chaos raging all over the Progenitor.
3 Excavation (part4) 12-14-2012 The party managed to successfully escort the Ambassador to the one of the few last remaining gnomish submarine 'life boats'.
4 Excavation (epilogue) 12-14-2012 The imperial official finally awakened from his stupor after the party reached the sub-marinish life-raft and bestowed noble-status on those who took part in saving his life (though not all accepted such offer). The imperial also helped the team with solving problems of rather sensitive diplomatic nature (due to the actions of Dark Remnant I after reaching the Emerald Isle.
5 Doomcape exploration (part2) 02-07-2013 The party run into his disguised self during the masquerade ball taking place at the local Ergothian Embassy. Seren Coltrane's historical know-how allowed him to find himself gifted with a ticket for a rather exclusive sort of lecture taking place in a week Avalon.
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