Krel's Monster Hut


Located on a smaller road between a few towns, Krel's Monster Hut is a relatively large building run by Krel. It's set up as an arena of sorts, and contains numerous basements for holding creatures. It's currently relatively new, so its battles are minor in comparison to some, but Krel is constantly hiring new people and working for ways to expand the business.

Krel keeps a small team of staff on-hand for medical necessities. A no-killing/no-destroying rule is on place for any intelligent creatures, and any costs for resurrections are taken out of the killer's earnings. Similarly, if any creature feels they are incapable of continuing, they are encouraged to dramatically take a dive (audience members still enjoy a good show).

((OOC Note: Krel's Monster Hut is designed for any simple combat encounters that the player wants to set up. Feel free to use it for whenever simple combat is desired. ))


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Krel's Monster Hut 04/27/2013 Set up a basic fight for the group.
2 Krel's Monster Shack - Nov. 15, 2013 11/15/2013 Three adventurers Vs. and Owlbear
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