Race: Wyrm Green Dragon
Gender: Female
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Description: Kranimatraxius is an almost colossal dragon that lives on the Emerald Isle. She is helping ogres and establishing her dominance on that isle as of now.

Status: deceased.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Dealings with Green Dragons 11/16/2011 Kranimatraxius ordered her ogres to call the adventurers to her. She made a deal with the adventurers: she'd get them out of the isle and they'd bring her son back alive to the island in a timely manner.
2 Dragon Slayer Operations 11/25/2011 Slayed by Roku after Baltasar Malich revealed her location and existence to the Dragon Slayers.
3 Find the Crew! 4/14/2012 Malmir is using the threat of her living to keep the Vorloi at bay. Edark was able to scry the location of the Green Orb of Dragonkind but was unable to claim it.
4 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 4 08/07/2012 It appears that the Dragon slayers scavenged few parts of her body, forcing the the College to replace few with 'construct' equivalents before re-animating the wyrm into their service. Accompanied by her son. It still wasn't enough to counter the team in their 'conquest' throughout the Nexus of Souls.
5 The "Nexus of Souls" (part 2) 09-11-2012 A 'cute' version of the dragon was defeated in Gatogpark.
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