Kran Dragons


The Kran Dragons are a family of Green Dragons that was headed by their former matron Kranimatraxius. The clan is currently headed by Kranimatraxius's twin daughters. The Kran Dragons have long mixed their blood with the Emerald Ogres and taken advantage of their kinship and greater strength and guile to dominate them into obedience.

The Kran Dragons would control Emerald Isle were it not for the presence from the Emerald Elves.


Emerald Isle


Krallionastiryne (Mature Adult)
Krallionastriox (Mature Adult)
Kranimatraxius (Wyrm) - Deceased
Rynskald (Juvenile) - Deceased


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Hunt for the Orbs of Dragonkind Part 3 06-20-2012 See game summary
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