Race: Mature Adult Green Dragon
Class: Green Dragon 23
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Description: Krallionastiryne is the twin sister of Krallionastriox. She has lived on and off Emerald Isle for years tolerating her mother Kranimatraxius's rule. Now that she is gone, she and Krallionastriox have taken their mother's place as co-rulers over the Kran Dragons and Emerald Ogres.

Plotters and cowards, both Krallionastiryne and her sister prefer to let others fight for them while they control the strings behind the scenes and won't hesitate to fly or teleport to safety, especially after their mother's quick demise. They have been birthing Half-Green Dragon Ogres and other creatures for years, hoping to use them as the basis for their own personal armies.


Emerald Isle


Kran Dragons


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Emerald Corruption 4-18-2012 While the dashing heroes sought to track Dryakra after she lost a duel with Ethial - which led them to an encounter with the Emerald Ogres - the dragon and her twin sister… plotted with Ra-Men.
2 Hunt for the Orbs of Dragonkind Part 3 06-20-2012 See game summary
3 Bloodiness... unveiled 08-19-2012 Unfused from her 'captor' following the events of Ra-men's defeat. The ooze lifted the domination effect from her… but with the current state of affairs (being a former, if unwilling ally of the College of Necromancy) she has few options besides of staying in the overlord's domain.
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