Kraken's Nest


The 'other' location of note within the small town that is Elric's Bay (with the 'first' being Elric's Mug). Appears to cater much more to the needs than the outsiders, sailors and other sort of travelers than the majority of the locals who find it to be too much of a rowdy place to bear..



# Adventure Date Actions
1 A double-edged... deal 04/20/2013 The party hired a local drunkard/part-time trapper Aloys there.
2 A double-edged... deal (part4) 05/17/2013 The team sought to recruit Aloys again but, for one reason or another, the trapper was not eager to co-operate for the gold offered. It is yet to be determined why a great brawl occurred within the establishment's limits but such happening made the party leave its premises for the time's being.
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