Krag Heavychain

Race: Arctic Human
Class: Ranger 2 / Barbarian 2 / Psion 1 / Slayer 10
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Status: Deceased

Description: Krag Heavychain was the father of Bor Heavychain and Altharid as well as the leader of the Bull Barbarians. Both strong and highly intelligent, he led the Bull Barbarians to prosperity. When the Realms Seekers scoured the world for test subjects, they demanded a strong subject from his tribe, Krag seeing themselves as too weak to resist, offered himself freely in exchange for the tribe's safety. The Realms Seekers agreed, but later changed their minds, determining that the leaders sons, Bor Heavychain and Altharid would make better test subjects. Krag refused, slew several aberrations, but was later killed. His son Bor Heavychain escaped, but Altharid did not.

Frozen North

Bull Barbarians

Bor Heavychain


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Lost City 01-04-2012 Appeared in a vision uncovered by Zargon
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