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Race: Human
Class: Rokugan Ninja 12
Alignment: Neutral

Description: Originally hailing from the Mantis Clan in Rokugan, Koyasha Sought fame and fortune in foreign lands. As such she was impressed by Zaeem Vorloi and quickly joined the Vorloi Mercenary Army. Koyasha utilizes her Ninja skills to turn the tide of battles as needed. A tactician and self-preservationist, Koyasha doesn't hesitate to retreat and attack again at a later date. She has now become a loyal member of Aegis' forces, vowing service to her new 'mistress' so to say.

Aegis' Domain - Enforcer, Spy and Assassin
Mantis Clan - Ninja


Doom Dagger


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Vorloi Coup D'etat 4/11/12 Assisted Al-Rashid and a contingent of the Vorloi Mercenary Army in combating a group of adventurers. Retreated when the battle wasn't going well for her.
2 Liberation of Dragonport Part 2 07/07/12 Once more she assisted the Vorloi in battle against the group and once more she managed a timely retreat only to return after having almost killed two of it's members, Kamigawa Light slew her almost instantly after which Aegis took her, her weapon and resurrected her soon after but not before encasing her in a certain gift (quintessence) from a friend of hers known as Edark.
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