Kobold Settlement/Roctrap


After some events at The Sunless Citadel, several kobolds from the Sunless Kobolds fled from there and established the village.


The village originally consisted of mud huts, but Mali Ohba's intervention may have changed that. There is, however, a statue of Roc somewhere in the village.


Presumably a theocracy. Roc has been given leadership of the city, but it is currently unclear as to what checks and balances exist, if any.


The settlement got started with spoils looted from The Sunless Citadel, but they have also done raids. Mali Ohba has started several businesses in the Settlement, so their economy may pick up in the future.


The kobolds that live there don't really like non-kobolds that much. Also, they tend to obsess over anyone who they think would be a hero of theirs, to a borderline unhealthy degree.


The population consists of about 3500 kobolds. Also, the village is a popular safe house for adventurers who have to hide from Dragonport for whatever reason.


Sunless Kobolds


None yet.


10 Gunsmiths
5 Food Shops
5 Armories


None yet.


None yet.


Underground Lightning Rail Station


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Roc Visits Kobolds 02-17-2012 Was discovered by the party. The residents immediately gave Roc leadership of the town and dubbed the place "Roctrap".
2 Gathering Allies 02-22-2012 The party went there to get help (and campaign money) from Roc.
3 East Injia vs the College pt 1 03-05-2012 A group of adventurers descended into the tunnels beneath the village in order to learn about the whereabouts of Mali's purple worm.
4 East Injia vs the College pt 2 03-09-2012 The team descended again after Mali repaired the portal in order to 'take the battle to Ra-Men'.
5 The Vorloi Coup D'etat 04-11-2012 The party fled here after the Vorlois usurped the crew, and then fought their assassins here.
6 Gunslinger's Day Off (part1) 12-29-2012 Rick Dodger and Quickdraw set for the settlement in order to have high quality gun crafted for the gunslinger.
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