[BM Character Sheet]
Player: Rayne Kitty
Race: Advanced Magic-Blooded Kitty
Class: Bard 10
Alignment: Chaotic Good with tendencies towards milk & catnip.

Appearance: As pic.

Personality: Kittiana, one of Rayne's older sisters, has a steep adoration of excitement and adventure. She's usually laid back and rather lackadaisical, and can even be as silly, playful, and boisterous as her younger sister, but she tends to get more serious when money is involved. She has a strong sense of what is wrong or right, but isn't afraid to acknowledge that sometimes 'the right thing' isn't always the popular, or legal thing.

Kittiana considers herself a professional, and tends to be a completely different girl depending on if she's on a contract or not. She is a self-appointed "Rose Knight" of a mysterious knight-hood called "Vermilion", a fictitious royal order that she is the only member of and which she uses to maintain a professional and chivalrous appearance when operating on a diplomatic front, though truth be told she is closer to a freehearted Corsair or Mercenary than a royal knight.

Kittiana believes that nobility is not a birthright, but rather a quality of soul and spirit. She believes that though she may not have been born of royalty, she is just as noble as any, and while she can be a bit aloof, she follows her feelings and lets her own morale compass guide her actions and which jobs she will accept.

Kittiana comes from a family which lives and breaths magitech and invention. She was originally studying magitech and training to become an artificer when she was young, but was injured during construction of a magitech invention while assisting her father, and ended up losing her left eye. Scared by the event, her mother made her to swear off magitech, so she turned to a life of adventure, determined to live a life that meant something, even if she was no longer creating things to help others, she realized she could help them through her actions, and though she no longer creates magitech of her own, she still lives a life closely entwined with it; a magitech replacement eye implant serving as a constant reminder that while we live in a world full of misfortune, with effort and tenacity we have the power to turn fortune our favor once more.

Membership: None

[BM] Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 7/3/2012 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 7/3/2012 0 -155GP Revolver, Ammo, Masterwork Tool (Acrobatics), Potion: Cure Light Wounds (CL 1) x1
3 The creatures outside the Dryad Inn 7/3/2012 1,300 0 0 0 Kittiana accepted a contract to defend the Dryad Inn from supposed monsters, however when she arrived with her fellow mercenaries, there were only a few fae around the inn. She got bored and went in to have a glass of warm milk spiked with a shot of booze and a smidgen of nip while the others talked outside. This session is to be continued.
4 Haven Plots: Green Skins for Gold Coins 7/5/2012 2,400 XP 4,250 GP 0 0 Kittiana was recruited in a bar to help drive off an orc incursion. Orcs had been murdering people, and she was hired to stop it. Kittiana and the others were able to defeat a large majority of orcs before the orcs retreated.
5 Family Business 7/5/2012 0 XP -4,245 GP 6S 1C Buccaneer's Regalia (Silk Armor), Heward's Handy Haversack, +2 enchantment, minor enhancement 0 After a few weeks of adventuring, Kittiana returned home to pick up her order from her little sister, Rayne-Kitty, who was doing work in the family magitech business.
6 Blood in the Streets 7/6/2012 14,400 +7,600 GP (bracers sold with bonuses) 0 0 Kittiana was walking down the street when a fight broke out and several yakuza attacked a man. She joined the fight just in time for 4 of them to turn into were-tigers, 3 of which she personally slew. She was rewarded handsomely and learned a lot from the experience.
7 Family Business 7/7/2012 0 -6,242 GP & -624 GP Tip & -768G for bullets +1 Animated Darkwood Heavy shield, +2 armor enchant, +1 weapon enchant, weapon augmentation. 0 Kittiana stopped by the family business where she dropped off 3 +2 bracers of armor which were sold for increased profit. She then stayed for a few days with the family to catch up and get some work done, even throwing in a nice tip for the work.
8 The monsters outside Dryad Inn, Part 2 7/13/2012 2,000 XP 0 Fake Mustache 0 Kittiana helped steal some gold shortswords which were stolen from a murder-victim. She helped steal them to give to a green dragon to help save an inn!~
9 Troubles at Dryad Inn, Part 3 7/14/2012 1,000 XP 0 Lock of Dryad Hair 0 Kittiana stood back and let her party mates shine for the conclusion of turning in the swords to save the inn, but she was rewarded all the same!~
10 Monument of ??? 7/14/2012 14,000 XP 15,000 GP 0 0 Kittiana was in a bar and challenged a man to a drinking game!~ She totally kicked his butt and he ran away with his tail between his legs!~ He then invited her on ADVENTURE!~ Which she gladly accepted, eventually netting spoils for her efforts!
11 Family Business & The Deep Dive Part I 7/14/2012 16,600 -13,950 GP & 7,500 GP Steadfast Boots & Duelist Gloves 0 Kittiana went back home to her family and placed another order, using her family ties to get quality commission work. & She also went on an adventure that same day!~ She went to a village that had been in distress and helped fight some demons!!~
12 Monument of ??? Part 2 7/22/2012 23,000 XP 15,000 GP 0 0 Kittiana was called out to help investigate a monument. She was rather disappointed at the turn of events when a battle broke out but everything was killed before she could attack. She then participated in a dance battle and won with a strip tease.
13 Family Business 7/23/2012 0 -15,390 GP Enchants: Splitting, of Songs, Dueling; Crystal of Return x2 0 Kittiana stopped in to see her family whom she hadn't seen for several weeks and brought in more business!~ And also got some goodies out of it too.
14 Haven Plots: A fisherman's Woe 7/26/2012 23,580 XP 36,000 GP Medal of Heroism 0 A fisherman's family was brutally eaten by Akhluts and came to the town for help. Kittiana and several others answered the call and ventured to his home where they saw the remains of the massacre. After some investigation they caught a creamy trout and were able to lure the akhluts out by cooking the fish. After killing the akhluts, the adventurers were able to resurrect the fallen family and happiness ensued!
15 Family Business 7/27/2012 0 -29,460 GP Enchant increase +2, Duelist's Chapeau, Increased enchantment on Duelist's Gloves, Badge of Valor, Horn of Resilience Kittiana went home to stay for the weekend and relax after a particularly stressful adventure. She commissioned some more enchantments and goods from her family.
16 Funtastic Festival: Day 2 8/1/2012 16,000 XP 20,000 GP 0 0 Kittiana entered a festival and participate in several games. She won a duel and a climbing competition before participating in a construct boxing event. Overall a fun time was had by all.. or had by kittiana at least, maybe not so much for those she skewered in the dueling competition.
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