Kitsune Realm


A very-well hidden realm, appearing to co-exist with the Rokugan part of the material plane (in a similar manner to the way the Plane of Shadows and the Ethereal plane coexists with the material prime). As the name implies all kinds of Kitsune dwell within its safe confines. Numerous portals taking appearance of mere 'fox-holes' or lairs dot certain parts of the land leading to various parts of both Rokugan and good-aligned dimensions such as 'peaceful kingdoms of arcadia' and Ellysium.

The lands are ruled by the kitsune emperor (actually 'empress' at this point), always an exceptional nine tail, more often than not with a spark of divinity awakened inside its… fluffy shell.

Most of the foxes are free to venture wherever they wish but still prefer to stay in their corresponding, tail-wise, domains.
The nine-tail enclave is the sole exception, no fox under 8-tails (and even those wear masks there, act like servants, clerks) is allowed entry to the great flying islands above.


Nine Tail Enclave
Nagin Wood





# Adventure Date Actions
1 A fox ... among her kin 07-20-2012 Nightmare managed to enter the domain and… attract crowds of followers by merely exhibiting her divine aura there.
2 Foxypotheosis (part 1&2) 09-03-2012 Few foxes (Nightmare included) visited the Nine-tail Enclave in order to push their rebellious plan forward.
3 Foxypotheosis (part 3&4) 09/04/2012 The game's setting, Nightmare was crowned an empress of all kitsune.
4 The Divine Calling 12/18/2012 The event's setting.
5 Magic in my belly~ 03/26/2013 Kimonto finally returned home after her long journey through Darnten Siege. She relaxed there while her shikigami was … interrogated by Yume. Later she warped left for Salamander Palace to prepare for the trial of her would-be-groom.
6 Crimson lineage 04/03/2013 Ammy's secret cave was found by Kimonto and Rick Dodger !
7 Webs of vanity (part2) 05/04/2013 Yagiuma was allowed to visit the site from which she was otherwise denied entry due to the partial banishnment employed by her mother. There she met a very crafty nogitsune disguising herself as a fellow kitsune who sought to corrupt her~.
8 Twin-foxed 05/24/2013 The game's setting. In a dream taking place within the realm Yagiuma met her grandfather who, in the past, bore the title of the 'Crimson Emperor', a kitsune emperor nonetheless. Some time afterwards Kimonto awakened a bit of her strange power after … dining on her ooze familiar. Worry not. It got better.
9 Re-recruitment 10/02/2013 Rick found himself briefly inside a projection resembling the Kitsune Realm from few hundreds years ago. The projection itself was a result of ending up in a strange (even for the plane's standards) part of… Kimonto's Belly.
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