Kiss Of The Vampire

Kiss of the Vampire [Manipulation, Skill Trick]

Long have vampires struggled with accidentally killing their prey, accidentally causing 'disappearances', and diminishing their own food supplies. With this skill-trick, the vampire is able to exert a certain amount of restraint while feeding in order to help keep their presence masked. Some particularly capable vampires are even able to minimize the pain and duress felt by the morsel, occasionally lending itself to symbiotic relationships.
Heal 2 Ranks, Sleight of Hand 1 Rank, Innate Ability to Drain Ability Scores or Levels
When you attempt to use an innate ability to drain an ability score, level, or both, you can make a DC 15 Heal check. The DC of this check is equal to 15 + the number of points you have drained this encounter + 2 x the number of levels you have drained this encounter. If you are successful, you can drain a single ability point or level instead of your normal amount. Any drain inflicted by this skill is much more subtle than normal, and the target does not realize he has taken any damage until after 1 minute.
Using this skill trick doesn't require an action on your part, and ignores the normal limit on the number of times a skill trick can be performed. This trick does not allow the opponent to ignore any of the effects of drained abilities/levels.
If you also have at least 3 ranks in Sleight of Hand, feed checks which you pass also numb the target to the pain for a number of hours equal to the result of your lowest check rolled during the feeding session. The morsel experiences a gradually increasing soreness for the allotted duration, after which, the victim's numbness wears off completely.
Normally vampires are not able to minimize the damage they deal while feeding, and the victims find it both terrorizing and agonizing.

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