Race: Human (?)
Class: ?
Alignment: ?

Description: A relative of Zirgoyv's rumored to be ingenious…as far the art of transmutation is concerned. Traded an ancient scroll belonging to his family for the power offered by the Seekers. Failed to recruit his nephew into the organization. The man's fate is yet to be determined, however more than few hints would suggest that he might have met his end.

Former Membership:
Brotherhood of the Cowl
The Seekers

Zirgoyv - 'nephew' (?)

True Form (?)
The Mysterious Employer


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Those who seek (part 6c) 05-02-2012 Mentioned once by Igor Leviedev, accused of treachery.
2 Sigil Plots 05-21-2012 Zirgoyv uncovered his secret allegiance, to one with The Seekers
3 Return to the Great Unknown (part2) 07-23-2012 According to one of the trapped D-Series subjects the man was the 'former' 'owner' of Ivar Heavychain (know for them as No22).
4 Reactivation 09-18-2013 It was implied that 'Kirgoyv' might have been an 'alias' (?) or disguise of The Mysterious Employer which makes his allegiance to the Seekers likely, at least at some point of time.
5 Reactivation (part2a&b) 09-22-2013 Monitored the mission of Cathalyst's and brought warped her back into Halls of Blood after meeting all objectives.
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