Kimonto's Belly


A strange demi-plane of white holy fire that melts everything and everyone down within the flames into a golden butter like state that is absorbed into the plane. It is not clear HOW but it is indeed an extension of… Kimonto's stomach.

Current Residents:


# Adventure Date Actions
1 There's ... a forge in my belly ?! 09/27/2013 Kimonto entered this demi-plane… the moment its existence was made apparent by her mother, Aika. Inside she met Cause still inside the blade only known as 'Purity' and promptly recruited him.
2 Re-recruitment 10/02/2013 Rick entered the realm only to find himself landing in one of the hidden pockets, witnessing a strange (if partway interactive) vision of the past involving Yurika and then chatting with a familiar of The Bloodhaired One.
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