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Player: MjhX
Race: Human
Class: Warblade 20/Barbarian 1
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Current Location: Dragonport

Appearance: Has obviously anime-looking blond hair and a greatsword, and wears a red scarf.
Personality: He tends to be kind of reckless in combat, and awkward outside of it.

Background: Kilroy really wanted to become like the known greats (whoever the crap those are), so he got a greatsword and started practicing obsessively with it, also taking jobs to further improve his skill. He also got a scarf because it looked cool, and he figured looking cool would help. After the battle with Ra-Men, though, he figured that that wouldn't really work for him, so he decided to quit adventuring…but still prepared himself just in case he was needed again. Then Kamigawa needed him for one more job…

Membership: The Silver Cranes, The Crew (formerly)

FACEPLANT (from the Octagon Part 7): Get thrown as an improvised weapon.

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