Khierna houses

House d'Fluerne

Known for their flowers that bring both healing properties, and acts as an aphrodisiac/endorphin stimulant, this House currently employs the prisoners of the kingdom, mainly because even if they escaped, the vast fields of flowers makes any potential escapee easily spotted for miles on end. Much like a rose, this place looks beautiful, but the slavery of prisoners as well as treatment is very very thorny.

House d'Libellule:

Before the banishment of the d'Grimmoirs, always living in their shadow since their centuries-long rivalry (before the kingdom was even know as Khierna) ended with d'Grimmoirs winning the favor of the first King. Less proficient with the art, however the house makes up for it with their expertise in ritual magic and sheer number of its members.

Defunct Houses

House d'Grimmoir:

Forced into exile, banished from the realm for a supposed try at Coup d'├ętat. Before that known for their arcane prowess, sworn protectors of the royalty since the very beginnings of the realm. Had a great deal of influence in all arcane universities of the kingdom, after the recent happenings all were replaced with members of the House d'Libellule.

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